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SCS recommends building with AMD Ryzen

AMD "Ryzen" brand and logo are property of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

AMD RYZEN series processors (Gen 3) are the latest and greatest CPU family from AMD. SCS highly recommends these powerful and efficient multi-core processors for both mid range and high-end desktop (HEDT) solutions. Productivity, complex tasks, video encoding and demanding gaming are no challenge for these great CPU's, so inquire and get yours today!

Ask about Linux Operating Systems


Linux operating systems are open-source distributions that are built by teams of dedicated volunteers, testers, and software engineers. These free-to-use OS alternatives offer strengthened security and support many of your favorite software applications. They are readily available for downloading and deployment on a wide range of systems. SCS can help you get started using one of these robust and capable operating systems and will provide support to ensure that your experience is worthwhile. Inquire today!