A few words on mobile devices...

Laptops and tablets offer a unique approach to modern computing, but also come with some setbacks. Unlike desktop computers, mobile devices rely on batteries to work. This translates to lower power consumption and lower performance. Parts are smaller and more sensitive meaning they are more likely to break down. However, laptops and tablets are portable and don't take up nearly as much space.

The most common issues associated with laptops specifically is deteriorating battery life, power input and hard drive failure. Laptop batteries in general do have a typical lifespan of just 3-5 years, even if used correctly. Regularly charging and discharging the battery will ensure it lasts as long as possible and performs as it should. It is a good practice to disconnect the power adapter when the battery is fully charged. If a battery is dying in just a couple of hours, you may need to adjust your power saving functions or replace it.

Spinning hard drives in laptops can be the achilles heel of a system because of their smaller 2.5" design. These mobile drives are a lot slimmer than full size desktop hard drives and are more sensitive too. Some last years and others can fail in a matter of months. SCS recommends that all laptops be upgraded to solid state drives. These drives feature on board memory instead of spinning platters and use a lot less power to operate. They are also faster and more reliable. The only downside to solid state is that you may need to pay a premium for large capacity drives. A 500GB solid state drive will be considerably more expensive than a 500GB spinning hard drive.

If you are experiencing any issues with a laptop or tablet, disconnect all devices and remove the battery if possible. If the device is not charging the battery or the power adapter may need to be replaced. If not discontinued, replacement batteries are available for most laptop computers and are easily installed. Apple products may require service by the vendor because of their fully enclosed design and SCS cannot guarantee that work can be performed on such devices. It is also recommended that most laptops still covered under manufacturer warranty be serviced by the vendor as well, in order to honor the coverage. I will offer to service the device but the warranty, if applicable, will most likely be voided in the process. This may or may not include changes to the hard drive or memory.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding laptops or tablets, feel free to contact me.