Protect your data, invest in backup solutions.

Losing data can be frustrating and heartbreaking. If your hard drive fails and you have no backup in which to restore your precious files from you could be out of luck. There is no software that can repair a physically damaged hard drive and in the event that a drive becomes unusable, so does the data stored on it. To prevent such scenarios from occurring, it is wise to always have a backup solution set in place. Whether it's a spare hard drive, cloud server, or an online service such as Carbonite, it's always best to have your sensitive data stored on an external system. If your computer crashes and you need to wipe the drive, or if the drive itself is compromised, you can easily retrieve your files from a backup location. There is plenty of good software out there that can help you perform the task, and most is easy to use.

At this time SCS does not offer any of its own backup solutions, but can offer to attempt data recovery and aid in the process of getting set up with backup software, devices, and services. The safety and security of your data is important, and you can completely avoid the worst case scenario by copying your files to multiple devices. For simple solutions, SCS recommends purchasing a large capacity external hard drive that can be connected to any computer via USB. You may opt to manually copy and paste your digital belongings to the drive or utilize a specialized software such as Acronis True Image which can archive your backups and offer to automatically keep them up to date. This is very useful if you have a lot of personal files that are constantly being modified or changed. With this software you can also backup and restore your entire Windows operating system, which can get your computer back up and running quickly after an incident.

If you have any questions regarding data backup and recovery, please contact me.